Monday, June 27, 2005

Jazz Groove Review

Last day of Jazz Groove dance.Comment? Interesting.*duh* **slaps forehead**

Loads of "inner" movements,hip movement,shoulder movement,moderate tempo.What my teacher say is true-very 'cat-tish'.Puuuurrrr.. The cat on the move,quiet,and almost at anytime,about to pounce.Uses pointy feet,stretched out hands,"witchy" fingers and arrogant facial expression when dancing.Always low,but alert.

So,it's not jumpy like hiphop,not loud like funk,but I would say,sly,sexy,low,stretched out movements.Truly CATS(the musical play)lol!Songs chosen from singers - Janet Jackson,Michael Jackson, one of the Destiny's Child's member- Kelly Rowland.

I really am disappointed I don't get to sit for exam next week.I know the teacher is disappointed as well.But,honestly,the dance is tough.It's tough because u need to look calm and cool,somewhat as though the movements are unintentional but in actual fact,lots of effort put in.So,one will look really awkward if one tries to look suave/sexy but move mechanically-will ruin everything!!And,for me,I laugh sometimes,when I see myself in the mirror and say,"GEEZ?!what is tat?!"

Some of the dance moves are easy to pick up.Some others,takes me forever to figure out.Complications occur when all dance moves are combined,mixed up and choreographed by the teacher.She takes effort to oversee everyone and comment on each one of us.

All in all,a really good 12-week,eye opening,physical encounter cum workout.Sometimes,must just let the song lead and go-with-the-flow and not count the rhythm like a boring classicist!!And,just be a cat.

I begin to appreciate good dance choreographs,indian movies,and I watch MTV at a different light.

From line dance to jazz groove,now,moving on to jazz funk@african drums/rhythm I see advertised in Uni. ^-^


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